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Benefits of living near Dendrariu Park

The Dendrarium Park is located in the western part of Chisinau, in the valley of the Durleşti River, between the streets of I. Creangă, V. Lupu, E. Soca and A. Şciusev. The architectural and planning style of Dendrari - is a landscape with insignificant elements of regular scenery. At Dendrarium there are more than a thousand types and forms of woody plants on an area of ​​78 hectares.

The first thing that astonishes the person who came here for the first time - is the feeling that he is infinite. If you walk along the park fence outside, you will never be able to feel it. And after the fence before your reigns, a vast, well-planned space opens up, so you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Dendarry is a place, which townspeople prefer long ago as a place of rest, walks. Here you can meet many excursionists who come in groups or individually, students of nearby schools, colleges and students of the Pedagogical University, with whom the park borders, come here to prepare for exams, seminars. I met several groups of foreign tourists who were strolling along the alleys of the park, and this is not surprising at all because the Park is the attraction of our capital. Here is always quiet, the practical noise of the city is not heard in the park and you simply start to forget that you are in the city center. Even more surprising is that the park does not look like an artificial and built one, it is very organic, and if you do not like the regular landscape of its central part, then you can enjoy the pleasure of a more "wild" landscape, the view of the park's edges, have not been touched by the hand of man, and everything seems very natural and unexplored.

The park is greatly lighted by the lake located in one of its corners, especially the Durleşti River, which passes through the bottom of the park, with several bridges thrown over it.

The park will not only serve as a view every morning for Ambasador Residence, but also as a place of refuge for meditation and sport.